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Excellence in Motorsport

If you’ve followed the ASBK or WSBK, no doubt you’ve heard of DesmoSport Ducati and/or Cube Racing. Ben Henry, owner, mechanic and tuner at Cube Performance Centre has a vast history of success with not only his own racing career but his two racing teams. Ben’s proven success, experience and knowledge are vital to providing top tier services to his customers.

  • 2007 Australian 600 Superstock Champion – Ben Henry
  • 2x West Australian Superbike Champion – Ben Henry
  • 2015 Australian Superbike champion – Mike Jones [DesmoSport Ducati]
  • Desmosport Ducati is a factory backed Australian Championship Superbike Team
  • Cube Racing is the longest running privateer team in Australia


Our core values are 100% derived from the racing industry we were born into.

  • We do not and will not cut a corner in our mission to make your bike as good as it can be every time.
  • In racing there is no room to do half the job, the bikes are on their limit and need to be perfect.
  • When you spend your time in this environment as a day to day part of life, the by product of this is being patient enough to get the job right.


We don’t just tune fuel maps. We pride ourselves on tuning every aspect of the ECU.


We build the best engines in the game and the proof is in the results we continue to receive on the race track with our race teams.


We can set your chassis and suspension up to suit your needs. We do this week in week out at the track and understand what is and isn’t important.


Cube Performance Centre is proud to be unique in the market due to it being the spin off of a successful race team. Bikes in racing are always at their limit. The learning curve in racing is high, you experience a lot of issues in all bikes in a high pressure situation. To be able to bring this experience back to the workshop and apply it to your bike is invaluable.
Cube Performance Centre has been tuning bikes on the dyno and on track for over 5 years, the lessons learnt using our bikes over the years on our dyno and onto the track set us apart from other dyno shops. The tricks of the trade that make a great race or road bike come from understanding all the parameters of ECU tuning through doing it in real world situations. The stop watch never lies.
The relationships Cube Performance Centre have through out the industry give you as a consumer access to the most current and leading edge products currently in the market. We are always looking for an edge for our bike personally and are subject to many brands and the best their product has to offer. CPC is in the fortunate position to be able to supply you with the most current products in every aspect of Motorcycling.